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What Are LeveledUP Experiences?


LeveledUP Experiences help high powered women get out of their comfort zone in order to discover and develop the tools needed for exceptional breakthroughs.  Fitness, adventure, community and culture are combined into one powerful package.  This is not a vacation, it is a life changing experience to LevelUP your life that is full of surprises and adventures.  All we ask is that you bring your A-game, and a bit of trust and courage to boot.


Let us push you towards something unexpected!​​

2 Upcoming Events in 2021...

COVID-19 UPDATE:  At present, these events are indeed happening.  Mallorca and Morocco are both welcoming travelers from the USA with no quarantine ... just a vaccine and a recent negative Covid test, which LeveledUP Experiences will require as well.  Our hotels are exclusive to us, our experiences are private, our clients are vaxxed, the highest levels of safety are in place.  There is also a 100% money back guarantee.

Mallorca, Spain
October 9 > 16, 2021

October may very well be one of the most spectacular months in Mallorca.  The temperature is just right and the Sea is quite warm.  We offer the perfect combination of outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, daily fitness and community connection.


November 4 > 14, 2021

This wildly beautiful event will take you from the ancient city of Marrakech, through the High Atlas Mountains, and finally to the Stone Desert of Agafay.  A vast amount of authentic experiences with high level fitness, adventure, community, and culture.