We Specialize in Mallorca, Spain


LeveledUP Experiences designs and creates custom events for corporations, families, sporting teams, singles and couples.  Choose your private hotel or villa, design your day to day, then let us surprise and delight you by adding powerful, authentic elements that LeveledUP the experience for each and every guest.

We are able to provide staff, gear, equipment, logo gifts, private transport, coaches/experts/specialists, communication throughout the event, restaurants, castles, monasteries, beaches, mountains and more.



0 Euro = To submit this application. 


0 Euro = LeveledUP Experiences responds via email with suggestions and feedback. 



200 Euro = 60-minute Zoom call with LeveledUP.  We present sensational possibilities!


100-500 Euro per person = Design and create your event, pricing depends on the scope.


1,000-2,000 Euro per day = For larger events that would benefit from having our staff present 24/7, managing your client's minute to minute experience.  Hikes and bikes, fitness classes, mind/body wellness, LeveledUP education sessions, yoga mats, bikes and other equipment, and just about anything else you can think of.  Pricing depends on the size and scope, and how many staff members we provide.