Team Lipstick Travel creates your dream vacation, infused with fitness, sports, and authentic experiences.  Choose your hotel or villa, design your day to day itinerary, then let us surprise and delight you by surpassing your highest expectations.  Travel and fitness is what we're wildly passionate, and anything you're passionate about in life gets done very, very well.


Team Lipstick Travel customizes events for triathlon teams, cycling clubs, yoga studios, corporate clients, wedding parties, families, friends, running groups, tennis players, and more.  Partner with us for a spectacular event labeled with your brand.


If you want a recommendation from past clients, let us know.  They come back year after year.

After submitting the application below, we will schedule a complimentary, 60 minute Skype or Voice call.  After the call, we fully book your event, including web pages on our site with every detail.  You don't have to do anything but pack and show up. 



To submit this application = 0 Euro

Laura responds via email with feedback = 0 Euro


A 30-minute Skype/Voice call with Laura after submitting the application = 200 Euro 

After, there is a range depending on how many guests and how long you stay...  

Minimum is 100 Euro per person, maximum is 500 Euro per person.  


For larger events that would benefit from having Laura present, managing your client's minute to minute experience, guiding hikes and bikes, teaching dance classes, leading mind/body health talks, coaching strength and recovery sessions, providing yoga mats and other equipment, and just about anything else you can think of ... a flat fee of 1,000  per day  or 5,000 per week.