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We Specialize in Mallorca, Spain


Mallorca by Design curates custom events for corporations, families, sporting teams, singles and couples.  Choose your private hotel or villa, design your day to day, then let us surprise and delight you by adding powerful, authentic elements that LeveledUP the experience for each and every guest.




0 Euro = To submit the application. 

0 Euro = Mallorca by Design responds via email with suggestions and feedback, based on your application preferences, so that you know exactly what is possible.



250 Euro = 60-minute Zoom call with Laura to present sensational possibilities!  This fee is non-refundable but the call ends with you having all of the suggestions and information needed to curate your own event top to bottom.  If you hire us as your event concierge, we put this 250 fee towards your event and the call becomes complimentary.

250 Euro Per Person  = Design and create your experience top to bottom ... book accommodations, activities, restaurants, car rentals, etc..  We even do your grocery shopping prior to arrival.  As your personal concierge, you can ask us to assist with just about anything.  Unlimited alterations are feasible along the way.  Unlimited access to us via email prior to your event.  Unlimited access via WhatsApp during your event.


1,000+ Euro per day = For large groups and corporate events that would benefit from having our staff present 24/7, managing your client's minute to minute experience.  Your clients have access to us throughout the event to ensure all needs are met.  We provide hiking and cycling guides, canyoning guides, fitness professionals, yoga teachers, motivational speakers, wellness coaches, art, history and cultural experts, shopping tours, and just about anything else you can think of.  Pricing depends on the size and scope.

Additional Cost = Equipment rentals and some tours incur additional costs.

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