Formentera, Spain

7 Nights - May 31 thru June 7, 2020

LeveledUP Experiences for high powered, ambitious women!  The island of Formentera is absolutely breathtaking.

The event begins with one optional night in Ibiza.  Tour the old town of Dalt Villa, then dinner and dancing.  The following afternoon we hop a 30 minute ferry to breathtaking Formentera.


Formentera is known for its bohemian vibe and complete disconnect from the world.  The island is quite small and has no airport.  Most people ride around on Vespas or Bicycles, which can be arranged.  Our transport for the week will be in convertible Meharis. 


 LeveledUP Experiences are designed to teach high powered women to get out of their comfort zone in order to self discover the tools needed for exceptional breakthroughs in life.  Things like how to pivot when you hit a wall, why obstacles are the way, and strategies used by the most successful women in the world.  Join us for a LeveledUP celebration of friendship and life.


Running / Walking Races


There are 5 running races throughout the week, each with an option to walk.  The distances are between 7km and 12km, while the grand finale is a 21km trail run (9k if you walk).  Simply pack your sneakers, flip flops, a swimsuit, a straw hat, sunblock, and an assortment of boho chic outfits.  LeveledUP Experiences will supply five team race shirts, a different color for each stage.


Take a look at the videos below of Formentera and of the running event, then read through the itinerary.  We dare you not to add this to your bucket list and come with us!



Fill out a questionnaire, schedule a private call, participate in a 2-day, online preparation program with all of the other participants.  The final itinerary will include everything below, as well as your desired outcomes.  

Optional Night in Ibiza

Arrive to the airport, grab the first taxi you see, just 10 minutes to the old town.  Clients manage their own hotel bookings with our suggestions.  There is a walking tour of Dalt Vila, Ibiza's precious old town, then dinner and dancing.  Tomorrow we take a ferry to tranquil Formentera.

Arrival to Formentera

At 3:00pm a 30 minute ferry takes us from Ibiza to Formentera, where our Meharis are waiting ... the coolest vehicle ever.  Check in and relax.  Then dinner and a chat about the week to come.    

Beach + Race #1

LeveledUP Stretch, coffee and breakfast.  In the afternoon we hop in our Meharis to visit Illetes Beach.  At 5:00pm we head to Race #1 at La Mola.  This stage begins at 6:30pm and is 9.2km ... run or walk.  The event hosts walking options for every single stage.  Dinner is in town tonight. 

Beach + Race #2

LeveledUP Stretch, coffee and breakfast.  At 7:30am we depart for Race #2 at Cap de Barbaria.  This stage begins at 9:00am and is 7.8km ... run or walk.  In the afternoon we take our Meharis to Chezz Gardi for brunch on the beach.  In the evening we have LeveledUP training and dinner at our villa.

Shopping + Race #3

LeveledUP Stretch, coffee and breakfast.  At 7:30am we depart for Race #3 at Cala Saona.  This stage begins at 9:00am and is 8km ... run or walk.  There is a post race pasta party, after which we head back to the villa.  In the afternoon we have shopping and sightseeing.  In the evening, LeveledUP training and a relaxing dinner.

SUP + Race #4

LeveledUP stretch, coffee and breakfast.  At 7:30am we depart for Race #4 at La Savina.  This stage begins at 8:30am and is 8km ... run or walk.  The afternoon is recovery.  At 6:00pm we depart for Sunset Stand Up Paddle then dinner in town.


Rest and Party Brunch

Today we sleep in, then LeveledUP Stretch, coffee and breakfast.  In the afternoon, we have brunch at the popular Beso Beach.  Dinner is at the villa tonight as we prepare for tomorrow ... the longest stage of the race.  

Race #5 + Celebration

LeveledUP Stretch, coffee and breakfast.  At 7:30am we depart for Race #5 at La Mola.  This stage begins at 9:00am, either a 21k run or 9k walk.  There is a post race paella and beer party.  In the evening we have race celebrations thrown by the event ... dinner, music, dancing, fun.  Boho Chic is the theme! 

Home Sweet Home

Participants return home entirely LeveledUP by the experiences had, the tools developed, and the friendships forged.  You are now part of our community of spectacular females.  Continuing education is provided, as well as regular engagement within our supportive environment.​ 


We hope to see you very soon... 


Our private villas are located in a peaceful oasis, all with graceful indoor and outdoor spaces, soothing decor, lounge areas, natural light, and numerous creature comforts. The location will be perfect ... walking distance to a small village and easy access to all beaches and race locations.

Pricing and Details

Pricing Per Person - 7 Nights, May 30 thru June 6, 2021

$1,000 deposit due at the time of registration – Payment due in full by April 1, 2021

Single Occupancy 

  • $3,995 per person 


If you want to party in Ibiza for one fun night before heading to Formentera, email Laura for details.  This is an additional fee.  laura@teamlipstick.com


  • Round-trip ferry Ibiza <--> Formentera

  • 7 nights at our private villas in Formentera 

  • All Meals

  • Super cool Mehari vehicles to drive around in all week

  • Daily stretch sessions

  • Race Support:  5 running races with walk/hike options 

  • 1 sunset stand-up paddle

  • A stellar, off the hook itinerary of training and FUN

  • Private coaches to look after you all week long

  • Gift bags and race shirts!!


Not Included 

  • Flights

  • Alcohol 

  • Race Entry 


Questions and Information

Please contact Laura for more information…  laura@teamlipstick.com


Cancellation Policy

$500 penalty if cancelled prior to March 1, 2021

$1,000 penalty if cancelled after March 1, 2021

If COVID-19 prevents travel to this event, a full refund is guaranteed.


Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the clients’ experience.


Travel with Lipstick requires and application in order to  get to know our clients, their interests and preferences, and as well, their expectations...so that we may exceed them.  Once you submit

your application, someone will be in touch within 24 hours.