Itinerary and Pricing

What To Expect From Every Event...


LeveledUP Experiences are a combination of 4 pillars ... Fitness, Adventure, Community  and Culture.  Our itineraries are planned just 2 weeks prior to each event.  We schedule a private call with each guest, then bring everyone together for a 7-day pre-travel training program.  Once that is all said and done, we create the itinerary, keeping in mind all that we now know about YOU.


   Below are the elements you will find on every LeveledUP Experiences itinerary.  We believe in luxury, only in the sense that something is of the highest quality and importance, such as developing tools that allow you to create your perfect world, best practices for a healthy and blissful life, the highest levels of connection to others, and cultivating an expansive mind that believes everything is possible.  


Private, en-suite rooms are offered for every event.  With all of the activities, adventures and community engagements, it is essential to have solo time at the end of each blissful day.   

Adventures in Nature

Immersed in Mother Nature, disconnected from our every day world, exploring the powers that exist in this natural environment.  The concrete jungle takes a toll, as does commuting, being in an office, sitting at a desk, staring at a computer.  Shake it off as you inhale the scents of orange blossoms, pine trees and rosemary bushes.   

Physical Fitness

Strength training, cardio, kickboxing, abs, cycling, running, swimming, dance ... our signature LeveledUP classes have been designed by some of the best instructors in the business.  Expect these sessions to be creative, challenging and fun.


Mental Challenges

Canyoning, coasteering, climbing, cliff jumping, caving, hiking ... these activities are not nearly as physically challenging as they are mentally challenging, and that is the point.  In order to grasp what you are truly capable of, you need to stretch yourself.  We always offer beginner levels.

Cultural Experiences

Foreign languages, strange customs and exotic landscapes all contribute to helping you get out of your comfort zone.  Enjoy dinner with a local family, learn about wine production from farmers who have cultivated their land for 22 generations, take a traditional dance class, participate in festivals that date back hundreds of years.  This is where we learn how big the little things are.

Community Tasks

This is perhaps the most powerful pillar of our program ... connection to like minded women who want to support you in your quest for a LeveledUP life, because they are seeking the same.  Being a part of this community means you're willing to pay it forward because you know it always comes back. 


Authentic Exploration

When visiting Spain, one should experience Spanish foods and customs, meet with Spanish people, attempt Flamenco dancing, learn Spanish phrases, set foot in the oldest monasteries.  Same goes for Italy or Iceland.  We're keeping it real.

Coaches and Experts

Our audience is made up of achievement focused women, so our experts have been vetted to satisfy high levels of expectation.  Keynote speakers, athletic coaches, adventure guides, professional chefs, self care specialists ... all of our qualified leaders are chosen with the intent to deliver the greatest impressions. 

Organic Farms

Prior to your arrival, we source high quality, organic food from local farms.  The goal is to introduce you to the most nutritious products, with a variety of new tastes to try.  Guests choose from vegan, meat, gluten free, paleo, dairy free, or perhaps a combination.  We offer every option imaginable.  Most meals are extremely healthy, but we also include popular delicacies for the sake of pleasure.

Self Care Rituals

How you do one thing is how you do everything, as each healthy ritual leads to another.  We provide all natural products for daily skincare, foot bliss, haircare and more.  Our experts are on hand to teach you best practices and benefits. 

Soothing Practices

Not everything you do needs to push your limits.  We always incorporate sessions that are simple and soothing, such as deep breaths, sunrise stretch, meditation and self massage.  Each day presents some type of recovery for the mind and the body. 


Fun celebrations are crucial to a happy life.  Letting your hair down is the best way to ensure that you never lose your sense of playfulness.  Perhaps a mermaid party on a boat, a white party on the beach, a flower power party on a biodynamic farm. We will come up with something unforgettable while our photographer captures the moments for you to keep.

Post Event Connection

Participants return home entirely LeveledUP by the experiences had, the tools developed, and the friendships forged.  You are now part of our community of spectacular females.  Continuing education is provided, as well as regular engagement within our supportive environment.

We promise to see you very soon... 

What Not To Expect

It is important to mention the things you will not experience, so as to be very clear.  No tourism, crowds, negativity, luxury for the sake of expensive, kumbaya singing and hand holding, lying on the beach all day with piña coladas, tour buses, high heels, celebrity sightings, being glued to your phone, cookie cutter anything, always knowing what to expect ... you get the idea.

Pricing and Details...


Single Occupancy

  • Our events are always single occupancy, pricing is approximately 400 per day all in.



  • Pre-travel 1-on-1 Zoom call, plus a 7-day group training program

  • Private room 

  • All meals

  • All fitness sessions, adventures and experiences

  • Surprise and delight moments throughout the week

  • A stellar, off the hook itinerary of FUN

  • Highest level coaches, keynote speakers, and other experts 

  • Transport to all activities during the event

  • Daily gifts designed to LevelUP your life

  • Signature LeveledUP Experiences gift bag

  • Post-travel Zoom call, group check-in


Not Included 

  • Flights and/or transport to/from the event

  • Alcohol 

Questions and Information

Please contact Laura…


Cancellation Policy

$500 penalty if cancelled 60 days or more prior to the first day of the event 

$1,000 penalty if cancelled 31-59 days prior to the first day of the event

No refund if cancelled 1-30 days prior to the first day of the event, but you may sell your spot 


Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the clients’ experience