Mallorca, Spain


with Team Lipstick Travel

Beginner Cycling Program

Team Lipstick has been specializing in coaching beginner females since our inaugural program in 2008.  It's what we do best!  If you want to learn all of the basics of road cycling, while exploring spectacular Spain, this is for you.

A spectacular week of week of cycling.  All levels welcome from beginner through advanced, as we have multiple mileages and pace options to choose from daily.  Fun, fitness, food ... and a few surprises to boot.


Team Lipstick Travel is celebrating 10 years of cycling in Mallorca in 2020!!


Have you ever aspired to participate in road cycling?  With smart and structured training, anyone can do it.  And with a fun, positive experience, you'll be hooked as "Wheels Down" becomes a lifestyle.


Team Lipstick coaches take you through 5 immersive half days of cycling basics, safety skills, and team riding techniques.  In just one week you'll be comfortable on a bicycle.  

The itinerary also includes daily restorative stretch classes, adventures in nature, evenings out and about, shopping, sightseeing, yoga, lots of time to disconnect and relax, and one surprise and delight activity.  Through it all you're surrounded by like-minded beginners who are eager to support one another while exploring Spain and having FUN.


Day #1

Arrival to Mallorca

Settle in to your private, en-suite accommodations.  We have a blissful stretch session to reduce jetlag, a beginner's chat on the basics of road cycling, and a chef prepared dinner at the villa.  Tomorrow it's wheels down ... get ready to become a cyclist!


Day #2

Acclimation Ride

The day begins with coffee, a 30 minute stretch session, then breakfast.  Before heading out we go over parts of the bike ... gears, brakes, derailleurs.  During our acclimation ride we practice clipping in, taking off, braking, stopping, smooth pedaling, confidence and safety.  Lunch is back at the villa, dinner is in the city.  


Today's ride is about 10 miles


Day #3

Team Building Ride

The day begins with coffee, a 30 minute stretch session, then breakfast and a ride briefing.  Day two of riding is all about gear selection, hand signals, verbal calls, drinking from your bottle, looking over your shoulder, and how to ride as a TEAM, whether you are the leader or a follower.  Lunch is back at the villa, dinner is out and about.


Today's ride is about 15 miles


Day #4

Mountain Riding

The day begins with coffee, a 30 minute stretch session, then breakfast and a ride briefing.  Day three of riding is on a scenic, beginner friendly mountain.  We learn proper technique for climbing, descending, and how to have fun on switchbacks.  Lunch is on the road today.  Dinner is chef prepared at the villa.

Today's ride is about 20 miles


Day #5

Canyoning Adventure

The day begins with coffee and breakfast.  Today we take a break from cycling and head into the mountains for a gorgeous canyoning adventure.  We hike, climb, rappel and jump through the canyons, where we witness the most breathtaking scenery.  The level is beginner thru advanced as there are always options (you don't have to jump).  Lunch is from our backpacks, dinner is at the villa.


Day #6

Endurance Ride

The day begins with coffee, a 30 minute stretch session, then breakfast.  After our morning brief, we have our longest day of riding, practicing endurance skills and pacing.  We wear our team jerseys and take lots of photos!  Lunch is back at the villa.  In the evening we have a yoga class followed by dinner in the city.

Today's ride is about 25 miles


Day #7

Easy Ride, Sightseeing, Shopping, Celebrations

The day begins with coffee, a 30 minute stretch session, then breakfast and a ride briefing.  A short and sweet ride is planned, where we review the skills we learned.  By now our confidence is solid so let's us have a little FUN on the bike.  In the afternoon we visit Palma for shopping, sightseeing, celebrations!

Today's ride is about 10 miles


Day #8

Farewell to Mallorca

Guests return home with a fit body, an all new set of supportive and sporty friends, and spectacular memories with photos to prove it.  

You are a cyclist!



Travel with Lipstick requires and application in order to  get to know our clients, their interests and preferences, and as well, their that we may exceed them.  Once you submit

your application, someone will be in touch within 24 hours.