10 Nights - November 4 thru 14, 2021

Rock the Kasbah with us in Morocco!  This all female, exotic event will take you from the ancient city of Marrakech, through the High Atlas Mountains, and finally to the Stone Desert of Agafay.


LeveledUP in Morocco

LeveledUP Experiences for high powered, ambitious women, in the most exotic cultural locations.  This wildly beautiful event will take you from the ancient city of Marrakech, through the High Atlas Mountains, and finally to the Stone Desert of Agafay.  The itinerary has been quite carefully planned to include a vast amount of authentic experiences, infused with an abundance of high level fitness, adventure, community and culture.  The hotels are beyond special, and they are exclusively ours.

Supporting women is our mission and YOU are our greatest achievement.

The Itinerary...

DAY #1


Guests are taxi'd from the airport to the villa.  Check in to your accommodations, take a dip in the pool, enjoy a stretch session in the garden with seasonal essential oils, and welcome to Morocco.  A meet and greet with Moroccan wine is followed by our first team dinner, where we discuss the unforgettable and powerful experiences that lie ahead.  Villa Marrakech is ours exclusively for 4 beautiful nights. 

DAY #2


The day is full of LeveledUP training, including an authentic hammam experience.  In the evening we visit the souk in Marrakech for a guided tasting trail experience. 

DAY #3


The morning is full of LeveledUP training, as well as relaxation and pool time.  In the afternoon we head to Marrakech for a guided Cultural Tour, which includes a stop for lunch.  Dinner is back at Villa Marrakech.

DAY #4


The day is full of LeveledUP training.  In the afternoon we visit the medina for shopping and sightseeing.  Dinner is on a beautiful rooftop during sunset, listening to the call to prayer.

DAY #5


We sleep in today, then enjoy a movement session followed by breakfast.  A long, scenic drive through the High Atlas Mountains includes stops along the way for exploration and food.  When we finally reach Skoura, we check in to L'ma Lodge.  Enjoy a tour of the garden followed by dinner.  L'ma Lodge is ours exclusively for 3 beautiful nights. 

DAY #6


The day is full of LeveledUP training, as well as relaxation and pool time.  After lunch we have a historic walking and tuk tuk tour of the Palmeraie.  Dinner is at L'ma Lodge.  

DAY #7


The morning if full of LeveledUP training.  In the afternoon we have a tour of the Oasis at Sidi Flah.  Walk through gardens, along the river, finally to reach the gorges.  Lunch is served under a tent with amazing views.  Dinner with live music is prepared back at L'ma Lodge.  The day ends with star gazing. 

DAY #8


We sleep in today, then enjoy a movement session followed by breakfast.  A long, scenic drive to the Stone Desert includes stops along the way for exploration and lunch.  Prepare to be blown away by Inara Camp, a remote glamping experience where we see every star in the sky.  Everyone will enjoy a private tent.  Dinner is here.  Inara is ours exclusively for 3 stunning nights.   

DAY #9


The day if full of LeveledUP training in the desert.  Meals are served.  As the sun sets, we head out for an exhilarating quad bike tour.  Dinner is served in the open air.  The day ends with sound therapy to live music.

DAY #10


Our final, unforgettable day begins with a desert dance class.  In the afternoon we have LeveledUP training and relaxation by the pool.  A sunset camel ride with magnificent photo opportunities precedes our amazing farewell WHITE PARTY at Inara Camp.  

DAY #11


Take home an enormous amount of knowledge, a stellar set of tools for living your best life, and an all new set of supportive and sporty friends.  This week's itinerary was designed to give you countless keys to unlock the life you truly want to live.  We'll be following up with you so be sure to use those keys!


Safe flights home xo 


Lavish days and nights are spent in the imposing Villa Marrakech, in the Palmeraie.  Authentically designed, en-suite bedrooms, and an enormous, private, outdoor playground.  


The exceptionally beautiful drive through the High Atlas Mountains takes us to L'ma Lodge.  Peace reigns supreme in these well thought out accommodations.  There is a roof deck, beautiful gardens with tress and herbs, live animals, Moroccan lighting and a swimming pool.


  Our grand finale is glamping in the Stone Desert of Agafay while listening to silence in the remote luxury of Inara Camp.  Swim in the heated desert lagoon and disconnect from the world.


Your Coaches...

Stevie Santangelo

Stevie Santangelo is the Founder of “The Wellness Process”.  She is an accomplished speaker, celebrity trainer and chef.  Stevie’s rockstar status developed over the last 30 years … Soul Cycle Senior Instructor, Coach for Biggest Loser Contestants, personal trainer to Hilary Duff, Kat Von D, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jillian Michaels, health recipes development for the Founders of One Gun Ranch (a Demeter-Certified biodynamic farm in Malibu), and ambassador for lululemon in SoHo.

"Act as if until it is"


Laura Cozik

Laura is the Founder and CEO of LeveledUP Experiences and Team Lipstick.  Her background includes 20+ years of dancing, 20+ years as a fitness coach, 10 years as a nationally ranked ballroom dance champion, and 12 years as an active triathlete.  Laura was published in New York Magazine, Shape, Cosmopolitan, Lava, Competitor and Triathlete for accomplishments with her exceptional brands.  Celebrity clients include Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Doctor Sanjay Gupta, and Soledad O’Brien. 

"Never ignore what your heart beats for"


Carol Scott

Carol is the Founder and CEO of Conscious Body Consulting.  She is an international presenter, motivational speaker, and rockstar consultant to those in the fitness industry.  She has 25+ years of experience and has had a hand in much of the fitness landscape you see before you, especially in New York City.  Carol has designed and consulted for companies such as Nike, Soul Cycle, Peloton, Lululemon, Hyatt, Gatorade ... and has been featured by Vogue, Self, Fitness, CBS, NBC and Fox.

"Results appear outside the comfort zone"

Download Schedule...

Pricing and Details...


Pricing Per Person - 10 Nights, November 4 thru 14, 2021

$1,000 deposit due at the time of registration – Payment due in full by Sept 1, 2021

  • €5,495 (euro) per person



Smaller solo rooms, plus larger suites and 2-bedroom accommodations for double or triple occupancy.  First come, first served.  Everyone enjoys a private "Glamping" tent in the Stone Desert.


  • 4 nights in a Private Villa in Marrakech

  • 3 nights in a Private Lodge in Skoura

  • 3 nights Glamping in the Stone Desert

  • All Meals

  • All Transportation in Morocco

  • Evening Tasting Trail in the Souks of Marrakech

  • Cultural Tour in Marrakech

  • Shopping in the Medina

  • Hammam Practices

  • Private Riverside Lunch near the Palmeraie in Skoura 

  • Historic Tuk Tuk Tour of the Palmeraie in Skoura

  • Quad Biking in the Desert

  • Camel Ride in the Desert

  • Sound Therapy with Live Music 

  • An Abundance of Daily Fitness Sessions...

    • Strength​ training

    • Blissful stretch

    • Desert dance class

    • Team building

    • Barefoot conditioning

    • Running and hiking

    • Cardio training

  • A stellar, off the hook itinerary of training and FUN

  • Private coaches to look after you all week long

  • LeveledUP Experiences signature gift bags!


Not Included 

  • Flights

  • Alcohol


Questions and Information

Please contact us - contact@leveledupexperiences.com


Cancellation Policy

$500 penalty if cancelled prior to August 1, 2021

$1,000 penalty if cancelled August 1 thru 31, 2021

No Refund if cancelled on or after September 1, 2021, but you may sell your spot


Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the clients’ experience. 


LeveledUP Experiences requires an application in order to  get to know our clients, their interests and preferences, and as well, their expectations ... so that we may exceed them.  Once you submit

your application, someone will be in touch within 24 hours.