Lose Yourself in Tulum

What does it mean to lose yourself in a place or an activity? Can you imagine a state of mind so focused that the passing of time ceases to exist? Team Lipstick has always focused on training the brain as well as the body, as they are entirely separate entities, yet without an agreement between the two, your greatest performance and highest abilities cannot be achieved. The body wants to move, it wants to learn, it wants to grow. It is brave, daring, confident. The mind however is hesitant, sending messages like I'm uncomfortable, I'm scared, I'm unsure. So how do you train your brain? One way is to lose yourself. Our Tulum weekend is focused on exactly that, amongst an abundance of strength training and physical activity. If you are unable to attend, try meditative painting. Lie back, cover your eyes, and for 10 minutes imagine yourself painting. What is on the canvas? Which colors did you choose? Are you painting something you love, something you want? This is step one in training your brain to focus in a myopic fashion, without interruption. Step two is to practice an activity that consumes you. For everyone this is different as you must be passionate about it enough to lose yourself in it's motions. Once you harness this ability to lose yourself, what are you going to do with it? I'll leave that part to you ;)

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