Your Favorite Compliment

This blog post made me hesitate. I was happy to recall my most favorite compliment ever received, comfortable attaching it to a photo of myself, and motivated by making it my wallpaper for the week. But how would other people react if I shared it? Does it seem boastful or conceited? It certainly doesn't feel that way to me ... it just makes me happy to be who I am. I'm fairly certain that confident, happy people will react with an exuberant BRAVA. Those are my peeps!! The ones I would also cheer on, compliment, and encourage. So I guess this blog is two-fold ... what is your favorite compliment ever received? And how often do you uplift, applaud, and compliment others? I find these practices to be extremely healthy.

Homework #1 - Find a photo of yourself that you like, add your favorite compliment to it, and make it your wallpaper for a week. We're supposed to love ourselves ... the most actually. It's what makes us capable of loving others phenomenally well.

Homework #2 - Spend a day bestowing compliments on others, including friends, family, and even strangers. At the airport last week, on my way to Copenhagen, I saw a much older woman browsing through some books. I'm guessing she was in her mid-80's. Very fit looking, a good amount of time spent on her classy hair and make-up that morning, beautifully co-ordinated clothing, a thoughtful matching scarf, and a pair of sensible kitten heels. Yes, kitten heels! Now this is NOT how I see myself in my 80's, haha. I was actually planning on letting it all go somewhere around the upper 70's. Doesn't that sound delicious by the way? Most likely that will never happen as a lifetime of fitness is not accidental, it's who you are, but I may very well wear a giant purple feather hat everywhere I go, because f*** it. Anyway, I was absolutely compelled to walk up to her and say "you are a very striking woman". She was surprised, a little speechless at first, but then she smiled and we chatted about books before I went on my way.

Complimenting yourself is so very healthy. Being proud of who you are, knowing who you are, loving who you are, this is just everything. To me it seems a very stable ground from which to explore the world and interact with all sorts of people. Without ever giving compliments to others though, I suppose it could seem boastful. So give freely to yourself, to friends, to family, and to strangers. Then BAM! It's a wonderful life.

2nd runner up was "Laura is my spirit animal's spirit animal". I rode that wave for months!

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