Places to SWEAT on your VACAY

The best part about finding places to SWEAT on your VACAY is stumbling onto something cool and different. Activities such as canyoning, caving, hiking on glaciers, trail running, wandering through mountains, swimming in foreign seas, getting lost in nature, yoga classes in foreign languages, seaside bootcamp with local people, expeditions to ancient monasteries, exploring history on a bicycle, picking mushrooms on foot, skiing uphill, meditating on coastal cliffs, sound baths in the middle of nowhere, organized races with breathtaking views. ALL of this exists! I do a ton of research before visiting any new place, in order to uncover the most precious opportunities. I even go so far as to say “hi, I’m coming to visit” to a handful of total strangers. I reach out to fitness coaches, biodynamic farms, adventure tours, eco-conscious hotel owners, and organizations that support women … then BAM, I have fit friends in a foreign place.

I recently spent time in Mykonos teaching sunset cycling classes in a beautiful garden. Sweat Vacay is a brilliant company owned by two women, Veronica and Lauren, who had a stellar vision to do Group X outdoors in popular destinations abroad. They created a thing where this thing didn’t exist. One of the clients who took my class lives in NYC and we are now meeting up when I’m in town to get sweaty together. Another client is considering one of our travel events in 2020. Best way to live a fitness infused life is to embrace others who do it too, for you are who you hang out with. Keep the quality of your inner circle high.

Two awesome questions to know the answers to are how much fitness will you lose by not sweating during your vacay, and what is the minimum you need to do to maintain your hard earned strength? For a seasoned fitness fanatic, the truth is you don’t lose much in 7 days. Perhaps you even get stronger by taking a break from the stuff you do all the time. But, are you really ok with being inactive? If you do something completely new and different, your body will respond in wonderful ways. For someone who is just starting to become a fanatic, consistency is important and you will lose some of your gains by being sedentary for an entire week. Finding something new and different is fun and exciting, as well as an opportunity to refresh your sporty spirit with unfamiliar activities. As for the minimum you need to do to maintain gains … 20 minutes per day would be my general rule.

So where are you going and what are you going to Google in order to plan your time there? If you find something unique in your search … please send it my way!

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