The Unpopular Opinion

I was taught to question things as a kid, even when it was in the papers, on the news, or coming from an adult. Since then I've taken it to the extreme by opposing, either quietly in my head or verbally, most of what I'm told. I do this in search of the truth. Eat this and you'll live longer ... drink that and you'll run faster ... eat meat ... go vegan ... to be a leader you need to be tough and emotionless ... you can't just run around doing whatever you want Laura. Nope, nope, nope and nope. Not buying it.

What if you literally questioned everything you were told (quietly in your head that is)? How would it affect your current opinion? You can even question things you've been telling yourself over the years as perhaps it is blind faith and you've just never stopped to consider the facts. For instance ... do we tell kids there is a Santa Claus? It seems like the answer to that should be unanimous. Yes! It's a wonderful deception! The first time I was confronted with someone who thought we shouldn't lie to children (that was their precise reason for not honoring the tradition), I was shocked and a bit outraged. But I listened, then thought about it for days, then kept an open mind about it, then changed my opinion. Here's what this mom of two little girls said to me ... "I want my daughters to know that when they ask me a question, they get the straight up truth, even if it's hard to hear". I loved that. YES!! So her answer to the daughter who asked if there was a Santa Claus was ... "A lot of people like to believe that because it's fun, so we can too". Remind me to tell you the story of how she explained to her eight year old daughter why wearing a shirt that said BLOW POP was out of the question. To me this mom is cutting edge, brave, and spot on with her unpopular opinions.

A bit of advice ... when someone argues the opposite of what you truly believe, listen to them. Perhaps there is something to it, perhaps not, but it's an exercise in thinking for yourself.

Be unpopular!! It's so awesome.

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