The Ruby Slippers

Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz ... "You Had The Power All Along".

The reason I shy away from the word "transformational" when it comes to the benefits of fitness, travel, adventure, or connection to other strong women, is because I believe it is more compelling to realize that you had the power all along. This means that when you have the desire for something, you have the capability to make it happen. It is very insightful. To recognize that you COULD have made a particular desire occur (one that eventually passed you by) is an important lesson, even though it can be upsetting. So the bad news is there may have been some missed opportunities in the past, but the good news is it won't happen again. There should be no regret, just lessons learned. The power gained by donning your ruby slippers will simultaneously migrate through all arenas of your life. Once you learn how to use them for ANY desired achievement, you'll be able to use them for ALL desired achievements. For example, if you use the ruby slippers to improve your fitness, you'll immediately have the confidence to use them to further your career, enhance your relationships, and garner immense happiness by going after that which you previously thought inaccessible. Coaching women who don't realize that they have these ruby slippers is one of my greatest pleasures, because it's a guarantee that they will eventually learn how to use them. Think about telling a child "wow, that was an amazing cartwheel you did" or "I'm so proud of you". You have just given them the power to believe in themselves, a power that comes from within and works. Put your ruby slippers on now and go after those spectacular goals. Start small if need be, but don't be afraid to go after the massive ones as well, because anything you strive for is possible.

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