Women Who Smile

2020 is the year of "You Are Who You Hang Out With" for Team Lipstick women. This means, if you hang out with someone who jumps out of airplanes, you will too ... if you hang out with someone who laughs a lot, you will too ... if you hang out with someone who takes salsa dance lessons, you will too. Think about what you want to bring into your life, find someone who does it, then make friends with them. But ... make sure they smile. One of the best tips for seeking to make new female friends is to choose women who smile at you. Usually this means there are no issues and no judgements, and that they are happy with themselves and therefore capable of welcoming other fabulous women into their circle. This is akin to a woman who thanks the waiter every time their water glass is refilled, who happily acknowledges every person who holds a door for them, who compliments other women when they believe it to be deserved. Women who smile, especially when they don't know you, are open to receive. If you hang out with someone who is open to receive, you will be too ;)

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