Your Adventurous Spirit ... in Quarantine

Having an ADVENTUROUS SPIRIT means doing things for the first time. There’s nothing adventurous about the challenges you’ve already embraced. So yes, this means that your first ever triathlon is the only one that satisfied your adventurous spirit.

Advancing into the unknown IS the adventure. When you do something that scares you, open to any outcome, barriers are broken. Fear and risk, into the unknown, broadening internal boundaries … these are the elements that lead to personal BREAKTHROUGH. Desiring these breakthroughs is precisely what lies at the heart of possessing an adventurous spirit.

The question is … how do we tap into these desired breakthroughs in quarantine? That natural and ferocious appetite we have for new challenges is difficult to satisfy in confinement. Below are three of the recent methods that have worked quite well for me. If you want to create your own, just remember that the results of these methods should spark interest, enthusiasm, curiosity, growth, and learning.

1. Re-arrange your furniture

I turned my living room into a 3-part functional space. There’s a gym, complete with yoga mat, dumbbells, wall mirror, jump rope, foam roller, therapy balls, resistance bands … there’s an office next to the sliding glass door to my terrace so I can work with fresh air and a pretty view … and there’s an iPic movie theater with blanket, pillows, big/comfy chair, unlimited beverages, and superior snacks.

Perhaps you want to build a tent to meditate in, or create a beauty parlor in your bathroom. Move your furniture around, create a functional space for your NEW NORMAL. This has been much more helpful than I thought it would be.

2. Prepare for your next outdoor adventure

Prepare your body so that you come out of quarantine a supreme being, fit and ready for your next physical adventure. Work on flexibility, balance, agility, strength, cardio. Every day!! Now that you have the time, stretch 3 times a day, perfect a split, do something physical every hour on the hour, practice balancing on your toes, get better at handstands. Sometimes an adventure can be as simple as finally figuring out that elusive handstand.

3. Become an every day seeker of knowledge

Art, history, language, dance, poetry. Someone recently posted a Salvador Dali painting that led me down a long path to discover his 50+ year relationship with Gala, a woman whose name he signed on his paintings, who he lived in an unconventional “open” relationship with because of her desires, who walked away from her own daughter to be with him, for whom he bought a castle that he was not allowed to visit without a written invitation, who was previously married while living in a ménage à trois with her husband and another man, who died from the flu at age 87 … it goes on and on. I wish I had known this story when I visited Cadaques, Spain, Dali and Gala’s home for most of their years together. Research before you go!

In all honesty, if you’re used to scaling down mountains on ropes, or jumping off cliffs into the sea, these at home adventures will pale in comparison. Alas, remain grateful for them. While you may never prefer the new normal, you absolutely CAN make some amazing discoveries into the unknown.

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