lululemon Ambassador

Laura Cozik was an ambassador for lululemon in NYC for two consecutive years.  She was their triathlon expert, their travel and training guru, and a model for their clothing line.  Laura occasionally led their run workouts in Central Park, and she was a regular speaker for them, for all things female empowerment. 

Athletic Director CNN Tri Challenge

For 3 seasons Laura Cozik was the Athletic Director for CNN's Triathlon Challenge, led by Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN.  She coached Dr. Gupta for his first triathlon, while overseeing the coaching of his participating viewers.  Laura appeared on CNN numerous times.  She also wrote a monthly blog for CNN Health, having to do with all things sporty.

CNN Health - So You Want To Do A Triathlon?

"Here’s some advice from CNN Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge Athletic Director, Laura Cozik on how to get started..."  Just one of many articles Laura wrote for CNN during her 3 years as the Athletic Director of their Triathlon Challenge.

Lava Magazine - Lipstick and Reggae

"A multi-sport vacay done right!  Meet the woman behind one of the coolest teams and training camps around.  Laura Cozik is the founder of Team Lipstick, NYC's largest all-female triathlon team. Team Lipstick's success has enabled Cozik to start creating premier experiences for her club members. She is now channeling her passion for multisport into new opportunities for her sister lipstick-wearers, like this November's first-ever Team Lipstick destination training camp in Jamaica".

Cosmopolitan Magazine - Which Beauty Products Do You Swear By?

“As a former ballroom dancer turned triathlete, I had to cut off the nails and forgo any sort of hairstyle.  But with great diligence, I found ways to keep my girlie side alive.  In truth, I believe talent and strength to be the most attractive things you can adorn yourself with, but the products below make it fun to be female…”     

Vital Juice Newsletter - Find Out How This Triathlete Speeds Through Her Weekend

"As the founder of Team Lipstick, New York's all-female triathlon team, Laura Cozik works out six days a week, up to two hours a day.  When she's not running, biking or swimming, she's running, biking or swimming. "Triathlon is a lifestyle" she says.  Here's her racy weekend..."

Shape Magazine - 5 Triathlon Training Tips from the Pros

"Although anyone can complete a tri, the sport still needs to be taken seriously", says Laura Cozik, founder and CEO of Team Lipstick, the nation's largest all-female triathlon team.  "Learning elements such as open-water swimming, nutrition, and recovery with a pro coach, greatly enhances getting it right the first time". 

BizMe - Tri Something New

“I was a competitive dancer, who didn’t own a bike, had no idea how to put my face in the water, and hated running. One finish line changed my life,” says Laura Cozik. Today, she is the Founder and CEO of Team Lipstick, New York and D.C.’s largest all-women triathlon team, and Athletic Director for CNN’s Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge.

Triathlete Magazine - Open Water Swim Camps

Travel with Lipstick Open Water Swim Intensive in Mallorca, Spain, May 26 thru June 3, 2018.  "Coaches will walk to you to race start, give you a pre-race prep talk, and cheer you on like crazy”, says Travel with Lipstick founder and triathlon coach Laura Cozik. 

Our Jamaica Magazine - Team Lipstick's Inaugeral Training Camp

"When Jamaica’s annual Reggae Marathon, now in its tenth year, gets underway on December 4, 2010, participants from Team Lipstick’s inaugural destination training camp are expected to line up for the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K, Jamaica’s premier International Marathon Event. Team Lipstick, the North East USA’s largest and most successful all female triathlon team, with chapters in New York City, Washington DC, and New Jersey, will be in Negril, Jamaica for a week-long training camp which culminates with Reggae Marathon".

Run Like A Girl - Book

Laura was interviewed for and featured in this awesome book about badass women.

Prevention Magazine - Reader Questions ... How Do I Choose My First 5k?

"Ok Jessica, I say you train for the Center Valley Purple Pinkie 5k!!  First, it’s in your town, which means that there may be people you know, friends, acquaintances, etc. participating.  It’s open to all ages, so you can incorporate your husband, kids, entire family if you like.  And finally, the Purple Pinkie is to benefit child Polio.  Each time a polio vaccine is administered to a child, their pinkie turns purple.  Thus, all participants will have their pinkie’s painted purple on race day.  I’m hoping that by choosing something with all of these wonderful benefits and gifts, fitness may become a lifestyle for you".

Florida Observer - Dad Challenges Himself to TRI

“I would like people to watch their journey and realize anyone can do it … you just have to set your mind to it,” said Laura Cozik, CNN Fit Nation athletic director.“He’s definitely a natural,” said Cozik, who’ll also be competing. “I actually think Joaquin is going to give me a run for my money!”

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