Virtual One Day Getaway - $395

This supportive, FUN, all female program is designed to help you experience breakthroughs, while developing exceptional tools for a spectacular life.  Each event has its own unique focus, as well as different LeveledUP coaches to guide you.  No two events are alike, however, they all combine Fitness, Adventure, Community and Culture into one powerful package.  This immersive day will LevelUP your already amazing life.  Let us push you towards something unexpected.

Upcoming Events...

Rebel Women            $395

April 10, 2021

Rebellious women have the will to explore, learn and try new things. They are not influenced by conventional wisdom, they think outside the box ... fostering spectacular growth and innovation.  Coaches Laura, Carol and Reese are on deck for this experience.

Brooklyn Strong      $395

July 10, 2021

Growing up in Brooklyn is a lesson in loyalty, speaking up, sticking up for others, deep friendships, going after what you want, not taking no for an answer and not putting up with BS.  Develop these skills and become a total badass!  Laura and TBD on deck.

Self Defense               $395

May 15, 2021

Learn simple ways to defend yourself in our morning stick fighting session.  Then it is on to learning what to do in real life, vulnerable circumstances.  Develop a strong sense of situational awareness with instinctive reactions.  Coaches Laura and TBD are on deck.

Express Yourself     $395

August 14, 2021

Speaking up, being bold, taking the lead, meeting strangers, networking, or perhaps actually getting on stage.  Expressing yourself with confidence and influence is a powerful skill to master.  Coaches Tiffany, Reese and Laura are on deck for this experience.

Champion Mindset  $395

June 12, 2021

If you desire to BE the best, you have to think, practice, sacrifice, dream, train and persist like the best.  The champion mindset guarantees powerful outcomes.  Be the best in every arena you step into.  Coaches Laura and TBD on deck.

Fitness After Fifty   $395

September 18, 2021

This is about training your body post menapause to be as fit as it was in your 30's.  It is also about maintaining a youthful mind, caring for your skin, things like Botox, minor surgeries, and the all natural you if that's your thing.  Age is an uphill battle, but we got this.

Pricing and Details...

  • $395 per person / $195 beta test 

  • Payment due in full at registration

More Information


Fill out the application, pay your fee, schedule your one-on-one call, receive your LeveledUP Experiences GIFT BOX in the mail.  All 1-day events are on Saturdays.




$100 fee

What's Included
  • Private one-on-one Zoom Call

  • Signature LeveledUP Experiences Gift Box 

  • Fitness sessions, adventures, lessons and experiences

  • 3 exceptional coaches 

  • A group of like-minded women to LevelUP with

Zoom Schedule


  • Zoom 1 ... 7:30-8:30 - Physical Training 

  • Zoom 2 ... 10:00-11:00 - LeveledUP Session #1

  • Zoom 3 ... 14:00-15:00 - LeveledUP Session #2

  • Zoom 4 ... 18:00-18:30 - Blissful Stretch

  • Zoom 5 ... 19:00-20:00 - Cocktail Party

What To Expect...

Special Delivery

Prior to the event a box will be delivered to your home, containing everything you need for the LeveledUP One Day Getaway.  The box is meant to surprise and delight, and perhaps confuse just a bit, as not every element of your experience will be known until it's game time.  The unknown is something you'll have to get used to and good at if you want to live a LeveledUP life.

Powerful Community

The community of women you will spend time with are interested in high performance, just like you.  They eat, sleep and breathe fitness, travel, adventure, learning, growth, new experiences, difficult challenges ... and they believe in the power of all female communities.  They are also willing to have your back, as we ask that of each and every participant.  Loyalty is non-negotiable in the most effective and influencial environments. 

Challenging Fitness

The morning fitness session will push you to your limits, in order to affect your mindset.  When you accomplish something you didn't think was possible, you'll be well on your way to living the life you always dreamed of.  By the end of the day you'll know what it feels like to push your limits, and you'll emerge stronger and more capable of achieving your goals.  The afternoon fitness session is designed to enhance recovery while fostering the prioritization of YOU.


Solo Adventures

Prepare to embark on solo adventures in your own city.  You will be sent off with a task to accomplish, after which we discuss how the tools discovered can be used to LevelUP every aspect of life.  Introduce yourself to a stranger and doors fly open.  Try something new and walls come down.  Blast through fear and advance towards becoming the person you always wanted to be.

Culture and Behavior

Women in leadership, ultra FIT females, optimistic attitudes, foreign traditions ... there are many cultures and behaviors from which we can learn so much.  When you are exposed to someone with different life experiences, your eyes open to paths you've never considered.  Perhaps one of these paths will lead you to exactly where you want to go.  The willingness to explore may be all that stands between you and your best life.  

Client Presentations

During the final session of every event, we have client presentations.  YOU are the star and we give you the floor to present something we've prepared you for.  It's short and sweet, but powerful and courageous.

Experts and Coaches

Each event is supported by 2-3 female coaches.  We source the most qualified experts to guide you through your one day getaway ... brilliant specialists who work specifically with women on business, leadership, public speaking, psychology, nutrition, the athlete mindset, a fit lifestyle, anti-ageing, medicine, relationships, etc..  Our coaches are passionate about working with women who want to achieve more and LevelUP their worlds.

Post Program Support

When our program ends, everyone is connected to the community where we continue to learn and grow and encourage, as well as promise to have each other's backs.  You'll be surrounded by women who are not afraid to get uncomfortable.  In other words, women who don't wait patiently for results, they go out and make them happen.  Continued education is yours for the taking.  For now, go enjoy your new set of tools!