Girl on Train

NYC Weekend Getaway

July 15 thru 17 / August 12 thru 14

The destination is a sweet surprise...

LeveledUP Weekend Getaway - $1,695


Destinations unknown!  When you register for our event it is a leap into something unexpected, and the fantastic part about that is you will be surrounded by other women with the same adventurous spirit.  We promise that you will be enchanted by something very special.


Hop on a train and escape the city into an immersion of LeveledUP Experiences. This is not a vacation, it's even better.  This is your personal LeveledUP journey to a spectacular life where everything is possible ... surrounded by the most sensational community of women.

Check in to your private accommodations, have a glass of wine, open your gifts, and meet your teammates and coaches. This weekend is about creating a high level community, embracing the FUN in fitness, going on adventures, disconnecting from the world, and surprise celebrations.

LeveledUP Experiences is for women who are curious and adventurous, who know that the world is an enormous playground, and who want to partake in as much as they can.  It's about fitness and fun, creating a spectacular community of supportive friends, trying new things, and embracing the best possible life every single day.

What To Expect...



The community of women you spend time with should be interested in high performance, just like you.  They should be interested in fitness, travel, adventure, growth, new experiences, difficult challenges ... and they should believe in the power of all female communities.  These women will have your back, as we ask that of each and every participant.  Loyalty is non-negotiable in the most effective and influencial environments.


Military Training Courtyard

Challenging Fitness

The morning fitness session will push you to your limits, in order to LevelUP your mindset.  When you accomplish something you didn't think was possible, you become more equipped to smash through all barriers in life. 


The afternoon and evening fitness sessions are gentle, designed to enhance recovery.



Adventures in Nature

Nature is non-negotiable.  Leaving the concrete jungle to disconnect is a powerful medicine, and something you have never experienced is where the BIG pay off lies.  Climb a mountain, go swimming at night ... we promise to surprise you with unforgettable moments.  Getting to know each guest in order to create experiences they are truly capable of is foremost, but remember ... courage is mastery of fear, not absence of fear.


Chat Sessions

The champion mindset is what we're all about.  If you want to live a LeveledUP life, personally, professionally, and emotionally, you're going to have to walk towards fear.  The willingness to get uncomfortable is a powerful tool.  If you want to BE the best in any given arena, you have to think, act, practice, sacrifice and persist like the best.  So let's chat about exactly how to do that!


Coaches and Experts

Each event is supported by stellar female coaches.  We source the most qualified experts to guide you through your weekend getaway ... brilliant specialists who work specifically with women on fitness, leadership, public speaking, psychology, nutrition, and more.  Our coaches are passionate about working with women who want to LevelUP their world.



Our weekend getaway promises to surprise you with fun celebrations that you won't soon forget.  The event is not just fitness and adventure, it may also include a themed party and a dance floor.  There is no better way to bond than over a GOOD TIME!  Well, bonding over difficult achievements might be just a bit more powerful, but all difficult achievements end with a fun celebration, so a good time is guaranteed.


What Not To Expect

It is important to mention the things you will not experience, so as to be very clear.  No tourism, crowds, negativity, luxury for the sake of expensive, kumbaya singing and hand holding, lying on the beach with piña coladas, tour buses, high heels, celebrity sightings, being glued to your phone, cookie cutter anything, or even knowing exactly what to expect ... you get the idea.

Pricing and Details...


Pricing Per Person - $1,695 

$500 deposit due at the time of registration.  


  • Private accommodation

  • Transport to and from the event

  • All meals, plus cocktails and wine with dinner

  • All fitness sessions, adventures and experiences

  • High level coaches to guide you through the weekend

  • A group of like-minded women to LevelUP with

  • Surprise and delight moments 

  • Focus on having FUN while we learn and grow

  • Signature gift box from LeveledUP Experiences 

Questions and Information


Cancellation Policy

  • No cancellation fee 61 days or more prior to day #1 of the event.

  • $500 cancellation fee 31-60 days prior to day #1 of the event.

  • No refund 30 days or less prior to day #1 of the event, but you may sell your spot.


Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the clients’ experience.