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Summer 2021


LeveledUP Weekend Getaway - $1,695


Our newest product is the LeveledUP Weekend Getaway.  Rent a convertible, hop the train, or book transportation through us to escape the city into an immersion of LeveledUP Experiences.  This is not a vacation, it's even better!!  This is your personal, stellar journey.

Each event has it's own unique focus, as well as different LeveledUP Coaches to guide you through the experiences.  No two events are alike, however, they all combine Fitness, Adventure, Community and Culture into one powerful package.  Surprise and delight is our signature so we ask that you are open-minded and willing.  Let us push you towards something unexpected. 

We guarantee a private, en-suite room, comfortable accommodations (you'll need a little sanctuary to come back to after a day of adventures), a menu based on your food preferences, like minded women to spend your time with, tons of fitness, adventure, community and culture, high level coaches, 2-hours or less driving time from NYC, a beautiful gift box waiting in your room with everything you need for the weekend, and a few surprises to boot!

Summer of 2021 - June, July, August

What To Expect...


Private, en-suite rooms are offered for every event as it is essential to have solo time at the end of each day.  This will be your sanctuary for the weekend. 

LeveledUP Gift Box

A box will be waiting in your room, containing everything you need for the LeveledUP Weekend Getaway.  It contains tools, accessories, gear, books, clothing, bags, perhaps even a headlamp.  Basically, whatever we deem necessary for your unique weekend experience.  There are also items meant simply as gifts for you to take home.  We source directly from female owned companies ... women supporting women! 

Powerful Community

The community of women you will spend time with are interested in high performance, just like you.  They eat, sleep and breathe fitness, travel, adventure, learning, growth, new experiences, difficult challenges ... and they believe in the power of all female communities.  They are also willing to have your back, as we ask that of each and every participant.  Loyalty is non-negotiable in the most effective and influencial environments.


Challenging Fitness

The morning fitness session will push you to your limits, in order to affect your mindset.  When you accomplish something you didn't think was possible, you'll be well on your way to living the life you always dreamed of.  By the end of the day you'll know what it feels like to push your limits, and you'll emerge stronger and more capable of achieving your goals.  The afternoon fitness sessions are designed to enhance recovery while fostering the prioritization of YOU.


Adventures in Nature

For LeveledUP women, nature is non-negotiable.  Leaving the concrete jungle, disconnecting, breathing fresh air, it's a powerful medicine.  Say yes to adventure!  Our desire to explore is insatiable, and something we've never experienced is where the BIG pay off lies.  Jump off a cliff, climb a mountain, go swimming at midnight ... we promise to surprise you with unforgettable moments.

Mental Toughness

The champion mindset is what we're all about.  If you want to live a LeveledUP life, personally, professionally, and emotionally, you're going to have to walk towards fear.  The willingness to get uncomfortable is a powerful tool.  If you want to BE the best in any given arena, you have to think, practice, sacrifice, train, and persist like the best.  You got this!

Culture and Behavior

Women in leadership, ultra FIT females, optimistic attitudes, foreign traditions ... there are many cultures and behaviors from which we can learn so much.  When you are exposed to someone with different life experiences, your eyes open to paths you've never considered.  Perhaps one of these paths will lead you to exactly where you want to go.  The willingness to explore may be all that stands between you and your best life.  

Coaches and Experts

Each event is supported by 2-3 female coaches.  We source the most qualified experts to guide you through your weekend getaway ... brilliant specialists who work specifically with women on business, leadership, public speaking, psychology, nutrition, the athlete mindset, a fit lifestyle, anti-ageing, medicine, relationships, etc..  Our coaches are passionate about working with women who want to achieve more and LevelUP their worlds.

Post Program Support

When our program ends, everyone is connected to the community where we continue to learn and grow and encourage, as well as promise to have each other's backs.  You'll be surrounded by women who are not afraid to get uncomfortable.  In other words, women who don't wait patiently for results, they go out and make them happen.  Continued education is yours for the taking.  For now, go enjoy your new set of tools!

What Not To Expect

It is important to mention the things you will not experience, so as to be very clear.  No tourism, crowds, negativity, luxury for the sake of expensive, kumbaya singing and hand holding, lying on the beach with piña coladas, tour buses, high heels, celebrity sightings, being glued to your phone, cookie cutter anything, always knowing what to expect ... you get the idea.

Pricing and Details...


Pricing Per Person - $1,695 

Payment due in full at the time of registration


  • Private en-suite accommodation for 3 days, 2 nights, Friday thru Sunday

  • All meals, cocktails and wine with dinner

  • All fitness sessions, adventures and experiences

  • 3 high level coaches to guide you through the weekend

  • A group of like-minded women to LevelUP with

  • Surprise and delight moments 

  • A big focus on having FUN while we learn and grow

  • Transport to all team activities

  • Signature LeveledUP Experiences Gift Box


Not Included 

Transport to and from the event is optional 

Questions and Information


Cancellation Policy

  • $100 cancellation fee 30 days or more prior to day #1 of the event.

  • No refund 29 days or less prior to day #1 of the event.


Subject To Change

All details are subject to change, in order to improve the clients’ experience.